/Provincial COVID-19 Update – March 21, 2020

Provincial COVID-19 Update – March 21, 2020

Prime Minister’s Address

1. NWT will issue an order to restrict domestic non-essential travel into the NWT. Gov will still ensure that supplies still get into the territory.

2. Canadians overseas, Gov. of Canada is sending texts overseas to keep them informed, information on how to borrow $5000 to either help get themselves home, or support them if they need to stay abroad.

2. Canadians abroad must register with Global Affairs Canada: travel.gc.ac

3. If travellers are showing symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be allowed to board.

4. Trudeau said “It will be more important than ever to fight against, fear, misinformation, and stigma.”

5. There will be no federal state of emergency enacted at this time. The Gov of Canada would need to ask: are there things that we need to do as a government that are not already in place?

Provincial COVID-19 Update – March 21, 2020

**There is information provided in the live stream, which I documented, which may not be in the article**

There will be no provincial update tomorrow (Sunday March 22, 2020)

1. There have 31 new cases of COVID-19 in Alberta. There are now 226 total confirmed cases in Alberta. 

2. 11 people are hospitalized, with 6 in the ICU. 

3. There is 1 confirmed case in a seniors home. AHS is not releasing any more information at this time. 

3. Measures will be rolled out next week in which police will have the ability to hand out fines to individuals not following public health guidelines. 

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